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The Judge Samson. Samson was the second last of the judges of the Israelites. The last judge was Samuel. Samson was an extremely strong man and his strength was mysteriously connected to his long hair. For twenty years Samson judged Israel, at a time when Israel was "in the hands of the Philistines" (Judges 13:1).

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Word Builder worksheets consist of eight sight words with various letters missing. The letters that are missing from the words are listed on the right side of the page and the students are asked to put those letters in the appropriate blanks. To print out a Word Builder worksheet simply click on the button for the list you want to print.

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Alphabet worksheets: S is for Samson Samson flashcards Worksheet: H is for hair Worksheet: Time for bed Bible activity: Samson and Delilah Worksheet: The number 7 Worksheet: Dress like an...

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See our extensive collection of ESL phonics materials for all levels, including word lists, sentences, reading passages, activities, and worksheets! NOW AVAILABLE! Order hard copies of our Phonics...

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Aug 03, 2009 · To make Samson's hair, you need one sentence strip and 2 9x12 sheets of black construction paper per child. Staple sentence strip to fit your head. Then cut slits up the black paper leaving about 1 inch solid at the top. The more slits you cut the more hair Samson will have.

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In 'Samson Agonistes', a dramatic poem or a drama written in blank verse, meaning presented like a play with dialogue for several characters but is written in a poetic style, John Milton, one of ...

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