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With this official add-on to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you can purchase land and build your own home from the ground up - from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, stable, garden, and more.

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This mod removes the underwear from female characters, and adds what should be under the underwear. Just extract into the Data folder of the Skyrim installation. NEW IN VERSION 1.4 (22/11/11): Some alterations to textures to improve minor issues

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There was a new one a week ago that let you create your own outpost/home that had businesses. There was one that let you open a vendor's stall, wanna say it was ported/made by the one who brought over the npc clothes replacer mod. There is also a mod for mine outside of Morthal similar to the Windstad mine mod, wanna say Dominion made it.

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So Skyrim Xbox One came out recently. Consoles now have mod support. I really love the mods, and I'd like to crate some myself. I've been looking for mod tools, and found two: SKSE and the creation kit. But as far as I know, these require a PC copy of the game. Is there another modding tool that can be used for XB1?

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Your own xat group could be for particular subject (e.g. music, anime, video games), for the visitors to your site or just for you and your friends. You can use it on xat or embed it on your site. Groups are fully customizable and can be members only if you want to restrict it to your friends.

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Skyrim Perfectly Modded is the great promise of Mod Packs to come. The aim for this Mod Pack is ambitious, combine a lot of mods, according to the dev in the end of the process it will be 600+ and to maintain stability and to run smooth on medium-end machines.

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