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In addition to being able to transpose a long dataset to a wide dataset, PROC TRANSPOSE also has the ability to transpose a wide dataset to a long dataset. The concepts and syntax for transposing wide to long datasets are essentially identical, but the goal when creating wide dataset from a long dataset is different.

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mysearch | table answer,frequency | transpose | rename "row 1" as APP1, "row 2" as APP2, "row 3" as APP3, "row 4" as APP4 Which does the trick, but would be perfect if I could rename the automatically created rows by the transpose command with the values of the "app" field. Is it possible to do that or is there a better way to create such table?

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How to rename column and row labels after using transpose? column rename row transpose label featured · answered Mar 6, '19 by jbjerke [Splunk] 2.4k

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Housekeeping — Drop, Rename, Cast to Numeric, Drop NAs. You will notice the _x and _y suffixes that Pandas was nice enough to assign so that we would not get confused by the resulting merged dataset. Now we must drop the unnecessary columns, rename the columns, and convert year to numeric (which has been mistakenly read in as an object). Splunk Quick Reference Guide Command quick reference Commands by category Command types Splunk SPL for SQL users SPL data types and clauses Evaluation Functions Evaluation functions Comparison and Conditional functions Conversion functions Cryptographic functions Date and Time functions ...

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Click the Format icon in the ribbon (on the right side) and select Column Width (or Row height if you want to change the height of a Row instead). 4. Enter the desired width, and press OK.

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Rename the columns so as to be the same names as the first five names in the original table. Change the data type of the table columns to Text, Time and Whole number as warranted; Sort the rows by Project Name and Task Name; Load back to the worksheet. This query can be refreshed if you change anything, or add rows or column groups.

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