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spn 520372 fmi 14 Francisco Amaya 71,839 views. 15: Fault temperature sensor O/W or oil temperature sensor, wire or Connectors: 16: Defective coolant level sensor, wires or connectors: 21: Faulty throttle position sensor, wires or connectors: 22 Get the Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15, DD16 GHG17 Engine Troubleshooting Manual in downloadable PDF format on your PC, Mac, tablet or phone within minutes ...

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15. Yanmar. ® 600 Control Panel Operation and Troubleshooting. The SPN indicates the faulting subsystem and the FMI identifies the type of failure. Typical SPNs. Standard SPN codes are defined by SAE J1939-71.

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3251 3719 DPF Indicator Operation Chart 2 SPN FMI Icon Displayed DPF On - Blink DPF On - Blink Indicator Warning Lamp Amber Warn - Solid Amber Warn - Solid 16 16 3251 3719 DPF Indicator Operation Chart 1 SPN FMI Icon Displayed DPF On - Solid DPF On - Solid DPF On - Solid Indicator Warning Lamp None None None 15 17 15 3251 3251 3719 Instrument ...

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Mar 12, 2019 · A derate is designed to protect you from causing engine or DPF damage. A derate can be caused by various sensors or systems. However, when it’s a specific 5 MPH derate then you can be certain that the problem is related to the emissions, aka the aftertreatment system. SPN Description The pneumatic pressure in the main reservoir, sometimes referred to as the wet tank. The position of the valve used to regulate the supply of a fluid, usually air or fuel/air mixture, to an en-gine. The ratio of actual position of the analogue engine speed/torque request input device...

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95 spn 3250 - dpf inlet temperature sensor above or below normal operating range 96 spn 3251 - dpf outlet pressure above or below normal operating range 96.1 spn 3251/fmi 0, 1 or 16 97 spn 3471 - electronic dosing valve sensor above or below normal operating range 98 spn 3480 - fuel line pressure sensor above or below normal operating range

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2 SPN 3246/FMI 15 - EPA10 - GHG14 Diesel Particulate Filter Outlet Temperature - High Table 1. SPN 3246/FMI 15 Description This Code Sets When The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Outlet Temperature is Greater Than 730°C (1346°F) for More Than Two Seconds Monitored Parameter DPF Outlet Temperature Sensor SPN FMI PID/SID PID/SID ID FLASH CODE FAULT DESCRIPTION 615 3 SID 155 1615 Compressor Differential Pressure Outlet Failed High 615 14 SID 155 1615 Doser Metering and Safety Unit Valve Seals Check 615 14 SID 155 1615 High Pressure Pump, Leakage or TDC Position Wrong 615 4 SID

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