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DB2 SQL ERROR -104, SQLSTATE 42601. Перевести эту страницу. DB2 SQL Error and sqlstate. This is a free Service.

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It seems a multi row insert using static values can be done only from a program using a host array of values. A multi row insert using static values cannot be done using Spufi or any other dynamic sql tool. To do this I have to code a full select statement after the INSERT statement. The SQL reference manual is not clear about this.

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SQLSTATE Value Meaning SQLCODE Values; 02000: One of the following exceptions occurred: The result of the SELECT INTO statement or the subselect of the INSERT statement was an empty table. If this is an UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE, or MERGE statement, no rows satisfy the subselect, WHERE clause, or MERGE criteria. No rows were updated, inserted, or ...

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Have tried both normal and minimal profiles - both give the same error: SQLSTATE[42601]: Syntax error: 7 ERROR: syntax error at or near "," at character 83.CREATE PROCEDURE insert_data(a integer, b integer) LANGUAGE SQL AS $$ INSERT INTO tbl VALUES (a); INSERT INTO tbl VALUES (b) SQL state: 42601 Character: 8. What am I doing wrong? I'm running the database on localhost, running as admin user.

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PostgreSQL, SQL state: 42601. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 5 years, 7 months ago. Viewed 5k times 3. 1. I want to insert into a table (circuit) using a select which takes values from 2 tables (segment and wgs).

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SQL0029 SQLCODE -29 SQLSTATE 42601 SQL0029 SQLCODE -29 SQLSTATE 42601. Explanation: INTO clause missing from embedded SELECT statement. 說明:從嵌入式INTO子句的SELECT語句丟失。 SQL0051 SQLCODE -51 SQLSTATE 3C000 SQL0051 SQLCODE -51 SQLSTATE 3C000. Explanation: Cursor or procedure &1 previously declared.

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