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To Step use Arrow Keys ( ). Set Speed using 1 – 5. Use the rope to form two identical loops. Overlap them as though tying a Clove Hitch. Then thread each loop through the other loop and tighten. Insert the victim's limbs into the loops, tighten, and apply traction.

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Ties for Steelwork A range of innovative solutions to tie masonry to steelwork without site drilling is available. Each fixing either abuts the steel or attaches to the flange to restrain masonry walls against lateral wind loads.

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For beaker 2 during the 60 second period calculate the number of moles of o2 (g) that was produced.

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Apr 01, 1998 · Also, in high wind situations with lower pitched roofs, collar ties may help hold the ridge assembly together, although steel strap ties installed just below the ridge board would probably work better. My call is that in the vast majority of such cases, collar ties can be removed with no detrimental effect.

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