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NO Replacement Cost Over 25 Years, NO Time Cost In Maintenance, NO Cost For Stains / Seals - Ever! Solid Composite Decking Boards (Not Hollow) 140x22x5200mm Only $11.16 Per LM, $58 Per Board Or Just $79.60 Per M2! 25 Years Warranty. Free Stainless Steel Clips And Screws. Free Delivery Over 10 M2 Perth Metro. Payment On Delivery OK.

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Trex Elevations ® Vs. Wood. Wood substructures split, warp and shift, leading to an uneven surface in the deck boards above. The dimensionally stable steel of Trex Elevations stays in place, giving you consistently stronger, straighter, safer and smarter decking than what wood can offer.

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Wood cost like 200 to replace when it rots out vers metal costs. I need a used Winters shift for a standard pattern TH400, its for the wifes drag week effort. At least 2 screws per board, maybe 8. Aspen/Poplar or even Douglas Fir decking is fucking dirt cheap comapared to sheets of steel.

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The advanced framing method, combined with continuous wood structural panel sheathing, delivers builders with a solution: a cost-effective framing system that will produce more energy-efficient homes without compromising the strength or durability of the structure. As a rule of thumb, the installed cost of a slab on grade vs. a wood framed floor with gypcrete are about the same. Installed costs are, however, subject to a lot of project specific variables that can make one system significantly more expensive for a particular application.

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One of the biggest factors that affects the price of metal deck is the cost of steel. As with most commodities, the cost of steel fluctuates. In general, the prices will fall between $3.00 - $6.00 per square foot. However, because of the rise and fall of the prices of steel, any quotes you receive will typically only be relevant for about 30 days.

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The Strong Frame® special and ordinary moment frames are cost-effective alternatives to traditional, site-built moment frames. Our moment frames offer the level of quality and innovation that has become synonymous with Simpson Strong-Tie.

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