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Oct 29, 2020 · Synology Router Manager (SRM) is a Linux-based operating system for Synology Routers developed by Synology. SRM ships a binary called “Qualcomm Load Balancing Daemon” (lbd), which is used for monitoring and debugging a load-balancing feature in the WiFi interfaces. This service can be managed via network, and there are two instances of it ...

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Open Support Center from Synology menu; Go to "Support Services" tab and in the "Log Generation" menu, select the logs that you want to check, then click "Generate logs" Wait a few minutes while your NAS is generating the logs; The file generated by the NAS will be named "debug.dat", you can open it using 7-Zip.

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Oct 18, 2007 · OpenSSL is a cryptography toolkit implementing the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1) network protocols and related cryptography standards required by them. It also includes the openssl command, which provides a rich variety of commands You can use the same command to debug problems with SSL certificates. To test the […]

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To see the log records of a specific service: Click the tabs to view system logs, connection logs, file transfer logs and backup logs. Page 165: Monitor System Resources Synology DiskStation User's Guide Based on DSM 4.1 To save log records: 1 Click the tab to select the log item you want to save. 2 Click the arrow next to Save.

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Synology đã có bản cập nhật DSM 6.2.3-25426 Update 3. Bản cập nhật sẽ được phát hành trong vài ngày tới (nhưng bạn có thể cập nhật thủ công để lên luôn và ngay bây giờ). Lưu ý: Bản cập nhật sẽ khởi động lại thiết bị của bạn.

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Logger.debug (), (), Logger.warning (), Logger.error (), and Logger.critical () all create log records with a message and a level that corresponds to their respective method names. The message is actually a format string, which may contain the standard string substitution syntax of %s, %d, %f, and so on. Si vous avez un NAS Synology et un serveur de domotique avec Domoticz vous avez tout ce qu’il faut pour faire le monitoring de votre NAS. Depuis l’interface d’administration d’un NAS, on retrouve plusieurs infos comme l’espace disque, la température du système, la température de chaque disque dur, l’utilisation du CPU ou encore de la mémoire.

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