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Intangible property is abstract. It is a right to be paid money or have some type of power and it is usually laid out in writing. For example, stocks and bonds are intangible and the stock certificate is the document giving you ownership over the stock so you can sell it.

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To do the search, you have to know who has an interest in the property so you can search them in the indices. That requires that the abstractor be able to determine the validity of the documents. You can't just assume that because it was filed it is a valid document.

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An additional property tax bill issued as a result of the reassessment of the value of a property upon a change in ownership or completion of new construction. Supplemental Tax Estimator A tool to estimate the expected amount of Supplemental Secured Property Taxes on a recent purchase of property.

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There are two issues here - will a borehole provide the quantity of water you need, and will the quality be adequate for your purpose. In England, Wales and Scotland, the British Geological Survey can, for a fee, prepare a Water Borehole Prognosis Report for the site, based on geological and hydrogeological maps and the information available to them in their borehole database. Manager shall make all necessary and proper disbursements regarding the Property including but not limited to, the payment of real estate or other ad valorem taxes, labor and maintenance fees/charges, decorating and repair charges, advertisements. Article 2. Maintenance of Property.

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Executor duties and responsibilities The executor has overall responsibility for virtually every activity necessary to settle the decedent’s estate. Depending on the complexity of the estate, the types of assets involved, and the background of the executor, the executor may need to pay reasonable fees to others to perform certain tasks.

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The research method was the literature of the concepts, along with analysis of relevant articles and events on the use of technology without moral responsibility, opposed to morality.

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