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When I go on a LAN server with the map "Tr_walkwayrc2" no bots spawned, I set the max players to 32, but still nothing happens. The console says this, though: point_servercommand usage blocked by sv_allow_point_servercommand setting And this: Failed to load sound "vo ull.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository Halp, please

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Map: tr_walkway_rc2 Commands: tf_bot_add (add a certain number of bots) tf_bot_kick all (kick all the bots from the server) ... 2034 anos atrás. tr walkway Download : No Bots Bug :

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In WINRAR, open up the .rar file, and inside should be a file named "tr_walkway_rc2.bsp", or something similar. Then extract that .bsp to the previously stated location.

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map tr_walkway_rc2 (FYI: Once you type in "map " the console will display all of the maps you've currently installed and it will further filter out maps if you write parts of the map name. It should be easy to find walkway already by just typing in "map tr" and then selecting it from the list with the arrow keys)

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• Find a way to fix a bug involving several "bot_config" bots appearing; last time I used this map I wound up having 3 or 4 config-bots that were unconfigurable no matter what I did, as in say you choose "Spawn only soldiers" well you'll get soldiers but you'll also get 3 or 4 engineers named "bot_config" Hey everyone, I've looked everywhere for an explanation, I've tried to download the map to get better with aiming and I've followed multiple walkthroughs on how to download it and where to put it, but none of them have seemed to have worked for me, this is my last hope to get some sort of answer to if i can even ever get tr_walkway_rc2 on my system, as multiple so called "easy to do things ...

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