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The DC bias condition of the RF transistors is usually established independently of the RF design. Power efficiency, stability, noise, thermal runway, and ease to use are the main concerns when selecting a bias configuration. A transistor amplifier must possess a DC biasing circuit for a couple of reasons.

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The value of RE affects the base bias resistor values and input impedance. RE: ohms: A multiplier for base resistor values, which are obtained in the next step. Too much resistance at the base affects the stability of biasing. Use values between 4 - 16. Bx: const: Use 'Calculate values' button to evaluate exact values for base resistors.

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Holding the base voltage of a transistor in this way is referred to as biasing it, and a transistor with this type of biasing will pass a constant ... etc to calculate the biasing and currents in ...

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The effects of simultaneously biasing both of the junctions in a transistor are important to understand. There are four possible combinations to bias the two junctions, but only three play key roles, so we'll be looking at three of them. Okay, the first one is reversed biased BE, base-emitter, reverse biased collector-base junction.

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If I ever get it finished, do you mind if I borrow some of the equations from your spreadsheet as part of the transistor bias calculator? With proper attribution, of course! Hi c4757p, Sure; no problem when people reuse the work with proper attribution:).

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