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Archiving images of Protists including genera, species, samples.. Warning: This table shows only groups (taxa), images of which are included in our database. Thus, other groups lacking images (e.g. Sporozoa and other parasitic protists, Rhodophyta, etc.) are not shown.

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There are several different types of pseudopods, including lobopodia, filopodia, reticulopodia, and axopodia (or actinopodia). The first three of those types are basically similar and are quite widespread among amoeboids. The fourth type, axopodia, is distinct, being more complex and characteristic of certain specialized protists.

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Types of Protists One way protists can be divided up is according to how they move. Cilia - Some protists use microscopic hair called cilia to move. These tiny hairs can flap together to help the organism move through water or other liquid. Flagella - Other protists have a long tail called flagella.

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In addition, other viruses (human adenovirus type 2 and bacteriophage H6) exhibited different grazing kinetics than E11, indicating that the efficacy of antiviral action also depended on the type of virus. In conclusion, indigenous bacteria and protists in lake water and seawater can modulate the persistence of E11.

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Examples of protists include the microscopic organism called Paramecium and the single-celled alga called Chlamydomonas.

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