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Dreaming of washing someone’s laundry – If you dreamed of washing someone’s laundry, especially if that person was someone you used to be in a relationship with, that dream usually reveals unresolved issues between you two, and in case of your ex it could indicate still having feelings for your ex.

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Plate For a woman to dream of plates, denotes that she will practise economy and win a worthy husband. If already married, she will retain her husband's love and respect by the wise ordering of his household. See Dishes.

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The interpretation of dream that you smell someone else's feet is that you follow someone else's path in life, instead of following your own path. In particular, for people in India, to dream about feet can be symbolic of divine qualities, because feet are considered the most sacred part of the body.

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To dream of washing dishes represents moving on or planning for the next phase of your life. You are finishing up with something or completely getting rid of certain beliefs you had. Example: A man dreamed of seeing a woman he liked washing dishes. Plate smashing is a Greek custom involving the smashing of plates or glasses during celebratory occasions. In popular culture, the practice is most typical of foreigners' stereotypical image of Greece, and while it occurs more rarely today, it continues to be seen on certain occasions, such as weddings, although plaster plates are more likely to be used.

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The washing machine in a dream can mean that you have a volatile character; washing is the act of turning dirty things clean. The dream dictionary has more explanations for understanding dreams along with the details contained in the dream.

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Shop deals and essentials from top brands at CVS. Receive free shipping on orders $35+! Washing Hair To dream of washing hair represents changing negative thoughts or bad attitudes. You are making a fresh start. Trying to rid yourself of unpleasant thoughts or get your mind of something you don't like. Example: A woman dreamed of washing her hair in dirty water.

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