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It is possible that he is in a new relationship and he doesn’t want to get close to you out of respect for their new partner. In situations of this kind you shouldn’t think that you have done something wrong or that you are asking too much of him. It’s just that at the moment he has other issues to deal with.

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They are workaholics, which doesn’t leave them much time for dating. His busy schedule means if he makes time to see you then he is really into you. His dream woman: Sassy and classy. The Capricorn man’s dream woman is smart, sassy and fiercely independent. Men native to this sign love woman with goals and who aren’t afraid of hard work.

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Aries Man Ignores Me As the center of the universe, Aries man does not care how you feel. He can make you feel like you are a Queen or totally ignore you. It is uncomfortable when being ignoring by an Aries man.

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Jan 15, 2018 · If an Aries is like this, you will get the best friendships by respecting their independence and not trying to enforce a certain type of dynamic between you. 6 Although their mood can quickly and easily change, with an Aries as friends you have the perfect partner for partying or playing sports. Chances that are your Aries man wants you back. All you have to do is use the following tips below to get back to him again and rekindle your love. Tips To Get Your Aries Man Back 1. Ignore Him. If you just broke up, make sure you don’t go begging almost immediately. An Aries man is a tough man. He always likes to dominate in everything.

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