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Starting with filing a divorce petition. 1. Find suitable grounds for divorce. To file for divorce you need to explain to the court why your marriage Divorce-Online can help you obtain a divorce without spending a fortune on solicitors. When choosing our quicker, easier and fixed-fee services, this will be...

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The waiting period starts when you file for divorce. The court will require you to wait until the end of the waiting period to enter your judgment of divorce. In a divorce with children, the judge can waive part of the waiting period if your case involves unusual hardship or a compelling need to shorten the waiting period.

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How to File for Divorce When Spouses Reside in Different States. While it is fairly common for someone to move to a different state once they separate from their spouse, doing so can present potential difficulties when formally filing for divorce and reaching final resolutions.

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Nov 21, 2018 · Sodomy is a sexual act, other than intercourse, such as oral or anal sex. To be grounds for divorce, it must be committed with someone outside the marriage. Buggery is bestiality or a sexual act against nature. The standard of proof for these grounds is the same as that for adultery.

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Divorce Series: Mutual Consent Divorce; Divorce Series: Asking for Spousal Support or Alimony; Divorce Series: How the Court Divides Jointly-Owned Property; Divorce Series: Use and Possession; Divorce Series: How to Restore Your Former Name; Divorce Series: Forms You Need to File; Divorce Series: How to File for Divorce; Family Video Library ...

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Whether you get it when you first file all your papers or you receive it later by mail, it will have a date on it of 6 months after you first filed your case on Item 1 Use this form if you want to stop the summary dissolution process any time between the date you filed FL-800 and 6 months later, when your...If you’re the one filing the divorce, you can file in the county where your spouse lives, or in the county where the two of you lived when you separated. If your spouse doesn’t live in Alabama, you have to file in the county where you live. If this is an uncontested divorce, the two of you can elect to file in any county you wish.

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