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We were purchased in January 2016, by Georgia Chemical Equipment, GCE, so we are now their main soap brand and we will be able to also offer pressure washing equipment, parts and supplies on this website. We are confident that Soap Warehouse Brand are some of the best cleaning products available for the best prices in the marketplace.

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We have a premium selection of Microfiber Sponges for cleaning, coatings, sealant and wax, trim and tire dressing, upholstery and leather cleaning, and car washing. Each multi-purpose car cleaning sponge is designed and constructed with interior sewn edges to protect the surfaces you are working on from scratching.

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Car wash soap and cleaner can be used with pressure washers. Bio-degradable, high-viscosity foam leaves a beautiful shine. You will need to use the black soap nozzle to dispense the soap and to rinse it off you need to change the nozzle. Hope this helps, if you have any other questions please let...

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What is everyone using for car wash soap? I am about out of Meguiars deep crystal car wash and was looking for something better. I don't like the soaps that contain "wax" because I feel like if it leaves something behind, that might interfere with bonding of whatever sealer I'm applying.Purchasing 5 gallon pails of car wash soaps, cleaners and dressings instead of individual single gallon sizes will save you money! If you use a lot of exterior car cleaning chemicals for your auto detailing business it may be beneficial for you to purchase your most popular express waxes, car wash soaps,...

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Dial 8bar soap: $3.00 Clearance $1.00 off (1) Dial Body Wash or Dial Bar Soap $1.00 off Dial or 6pk Dial Bar soap Total: $2.00. Dial Body Wash: $2.97 $1.00 off (1) Dial Body Wash or Dial Bar Soap $1.00 off Dial or 6pk Dial Bar soap Total: $1.97

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Fat Foamer - Foam Cannon/Sprayer Car Wash Soap (32oz) Regular price $9.85 . View

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