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Peeking for data in Winsock means that an application requests for the amount of incoming data waiting to be received without actually receiving it. This is a holdover from Winsock 1.1 compatibility with Unix BSD Sockets.

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This thread is waiting on data to be returned from another server via WinSock. The call to WinSock originated from dbnetlib!ConnectionRead+3b6 Function Source ntdll!KiFastSystemCallRet ntdll!NtWaitForSingleObject+c mswsock!SockWaitForSingleObject+19d mswsock!WSPRecv+203 ws2_32!WSARecv+77 wsock32!recv+31 dbnetlib!ConnectionRead+3b6 27c0829 27ba269

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In Python 3.x (which is the one I’ve used for this tutorial), the recv method returns the data from the client as a bytes object [3]. However, in Python 2.x, the data is returned as a string [4]. As input, we need to pass to the recv method the maximum number of bytes to be received at once [3].

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The recv hangs but on the sender side. Yes, I can debug on both sides: sender and receiver. The sender hangs on recv() call when emision of data is launched. But the receiver works fine, it just doesn't never receive anything from the sender. Jan 28, 2014 · Hi, I'm having a strange problem after putting the RedisSessionStateStoreProvider in place, occasionally my site would hangs, and if i go on the server and issue a "monitor" command to my redis server, here's a portion of the output: "wa...

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I develop my first async TCP socket server and client program in c# and would like to review the first parts of it. I like to get some information’s about smelly code that I missed and what I could

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A Winsock-specific dispatcher is used when you are using Winsock. Once the dispatcher thread gains control, it copies received data from the Windows buffers to its buffer and updates internal fields with new line or modem status information.

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