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German Manufacturing Codes of Occupied Countries during World War 2 These codes may be found on various wartime small arms manufactured in Nazi-occupied Europe during WW2. The following makers' codes are noted on some bayonet blades and scabbards, it is quite possible that they may also appear on firearms and related components.

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A friend's dad captured this from a German Officer in WWII. That is all we know about it.I looked up a few places on line and I have only seen the blued ver...

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german ww2 m42 3 color camo helmet with single ss decal and 1/2 basket chicken wire cover . $325.00. out of stock. add to wish list add to compare. german ww2 m42 ...

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An airsoft gun is a replica gun made to look realistic and shoot small pellets. Airsoft guns are favored by gun enthusiasts and are often used for military & law enforcement training because of how realistic they look. The primary identifying feature for an airsoft gun would be the orange nozzle located at the tip of the airsoft gun barrel ... German WWII Police 8 Year Long Service Award w/Ribbon. $ 170 View. German Post WWI Silesian Eagle First Class. $ 695 View. NAZI Tinnie for May Day for 1936 ...

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The German Luger was used as a sidearm by the Germans in both World War I and World War II though also used by many other countries. The first country to actually adopt the Luger P08 was Switzerland. The German Luger P08 is known as a well balanced and quick pointing pistol.

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Walther Models 1-9, PP, PPK, and P38 Pistol Identification Guide This is one of a series of identification guides for small arms produced by Walther. In 1910, Walther introduced the "Deutche Selbstlade Pistole Walther" in 6.35mm. When the Model 2 was released in 1914, this pistol became known as the Model 1.

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