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To see a variety of language maps (symbols), look in the file symbols.dir in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xkb directory. Some X Window managers override .Xmodmap setting. If .Xmodmap isn't read by X automatically after starting the X Window System, a good way is to force the system to read it from your root (home) directory.

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This page compares window managers extensible, or programmable, so to say, with scripting languages. 1 What's "extensible window managers"? 2 Basics comparison 2.1 Tiling 2.2 Repl 2.3 ICCCM / EWMH 3 Visual effects comparison 3.1 Configuration with GUI 3.2 Pager 3.3 Taskbar 4 Input Comparison 4.1 XKB 4.2 Input event synthesis 4.3 Input translation per window 4.4 Extra mouse features 5 Screen ...

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RiK0 Tech Temple Computing, Maths, Science [from Enrico Franchi] XKeyCaps: a graphical front-end to xmodmap. It displays a keyboard and lets you remap keys using dialog boxes, rather than having to learn the arcane syntax used by the xmodmap command. xkb: the standard X keyboard tool. kxkb: the keyboard-switcher in KDE (part of the kdebase package)

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The keyboard map was messed up, I had to add a /var/lib/xkb directory so that X could properly build the default keyboard map. o Added ability to specify a complete XF86Config file in the lts.conf file.

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% xmodmap -e "keysym Multi_key = Multi_key Meta_L" Similarly, some keyboards have an Alt key but no Meta key. In that case the following may be useful: % xmodmap -e "keysym Alt_L = Meta_L Alt_L" One of the more simple, yet convenient, uses of xmodmap is to set the keyboard's "rubout" key to generate an alternate keysym. Code: [Select]. xmodmap -pm -pke. and created a file that replicated it. xmodmap changes are heavily dependent upon the current xkb layout applied to the XServer (some layers can be outright disabled, and cannot be modified until...

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